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“When my mom died, there were so many other griefs in my life, I couldn’t get a handle on what I was grieving. It was complicated. I had moved my oldest daughter, Vianne, out of the basement apartment that had been her safe haven, separated from the rest of the house, a place for her to sleep instead of living on the streets. My younger daughter, Rhiannon, was moving in with her partner. Some decisions she had made, in my opinion, had not been in her best interest and it pained me that I wouldn’t get to share with her some of the things that all parents dream of sharing. She continued to try finding her way. And even though she was aware of her missteps, she had chosen to do things “her way,” over and over again. My 14-year relationship with Tim ended, his choice, after I had made a decision that would alter our lives in ways unacceptable. That same decision forced a quick relinquishment of my two beloved dogs, a Yorkie named Kylie, and an American Eskimo named Gabbie. The new part of town where I had just moved was unfamiliar; I retired after 29.6 years of teaching…………and my grandson was dying.”


Vianne, age 6                Rhiannon, age 3

Izzie’s soul-searching journey through two generations of adoption will inspire and uplift. She shares her joys and sorrows and the love that unites families in the most unusual ways.



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It's Complicated

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